Foldable Baskets

PASSER can deliver a hinged basket; the main arms can be folded in when not in use or during transport. Outer dimensions will be within EU regulations for ordinary road transport within Europe.


  • Delivery in a single complete unit.
  • Dimensions in folded state allows for regular road transport
  • Unfolds and sets up at site within 1 day after arrival
  • Fixed or dismountable outer wall (stanchions)
  • Stanchions or plated inner wall
  • Easily lift-able by slings and shackles with full payload (can be delivered pre-rigged)
  • Optional interface to PASSER Basket Drive System

The animation shows the assemby stages from folded carousel to fully built with tarpaulin cover.

Folded in basket arrived at site and being loaded out

Flooring fully completed

Inner wall completely assembled. Partially assembled outer wall.