Basket Drive Systems (BDS)

The PASSER Basket Drive System (BDS) consist of a patented drive unit, which can operate interchangable baskets with various sizes and design payloads. The BDS enable high speed spooling operations and easy relocation of filled baskets. Each basket can be customized, with standard or foldable design, to suit the individual cable/umbililcal. The drive unit is flexible and easy movable world wide or for vessel installation.

Drive Unit:

  • Dimensions: 5.2m x 6.0m. H=2.1m
  • Weight: 32ton
  • Load capacity: Up to 650ton

Technical Properties Basket:

  • Dimensions are dependent on cable properties. Multiple sizes can be used on a single drive unit.
  • The baskets can be constructed as fixed units, or foldable to be easy transported by road.
  • Can be transported by  crane or SPMT
  • Flooring consists of IPPC certified wood.
  • Outer wall consists of detachable hot dip galvanized stanchions.
  • Inner wall is constructed with fixed welded plates.
  • Access: The interior of the basket is accessible through top, bottom and man hole in inner wall.