Cable handling


PASSER Cable Handling supplies EPCI solutions for both the offshore and onshore cable industry.
Our core business is installation, storage and transportation solutions for umbilicals, power cable, deep-sea mooring and flexible risers.

Typical Deliverables: are Reels, Carousels, Baskets, Basket Drive Systems, Pick-Up Systems and miscellaneous Accessories. 




Our carousels are designed for onshore storage and production or offshore transport and installation. Our carousels has a payload range up to 10 000 ton and can be delivered with split in compartments which run individually.

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PASSER provides a wide range of transportation, installation and storage reels for offshore and onshore use. PASSER customize the reels to comply with customers specification and wishes.

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PASSER Baskets are designed to be a light weight solution for transport and storage. Available in all sizes. No restrictions for payload capacity.

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Loading Systems

We deliver customer specific and standard modular loading systems including arm, tensioner and operator cabin. Hydraulic or electric driven systems.

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Reel Drive Systems (RDS)

PASSER deliver a variety of Reel Drive Systems, including under-rollers and hub-drives designed for on- or offshore use in accordance with client requirements.

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Basket drive systems (BDS)

PASSER Basket Drive System is an cable logistic system where a single rotating unit is used to spool multiple baskets.

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Vertical Layup Machine

Our Vertical Layup Machines can be provided for up to 900 ton capacities. Complete with fully automated filling stations, logistic solutions and ancillary equipment.

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PASSER offers a wide range of ancillary equipment for cable handling.

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