PASSER did a successfull delivery and assembly of an innovative foldable basket in the Netherlands, this week. The total lead time for the entire project was 14 weeks. Assembly was, due to the innovative design, carried out in one day only.

The goods arrived with two trucks Friday morning, together with PASSER crew of two. The assembly of the foldable basket was done using a simple mobile crane and forklift and was completed within 8 hours! The assembled structure has an outer diameter of 9.3 meters and a total height of approximately 4 meters. The basket is also designed to interface the PASSER patented Basket Drive System (BDS). This is the first delivery of a foldable basket, done by PASSER.

If this innovative type of cable handling equipment might suit any of your future projects, please do not hesistate to contact PASSER sales department or technical crew for information.