PASSER Group is a EPCI supplier within Wind and Renewables, Green Energy LNG and Offshore SURF markets.

Our mission is to make life easy for our customers.

Business Areas

Cable handling

Everything you need within cable handling, storage and installation.


Indirect drying and cooling solution for substrate using a well proven technology.


We can provide all our equipment for long term rental or leasing.


Cryogenic Insulation solutions for LNG/LPG cargo/fuel -tanks and piping.


These are the latest news from PASSER:

Reels for the Penguins oil & gas field

Reels for the Penguins oil & gas field

PASSER delivered 14 offshore installation Reels for the Shell Penguins oil & gas field . The Penguins field is located 241 kilometres northeast of the Shetland Islands, in the UK North Sea. The redevelopment of the Penguins field will generate production of 45 000...

150 ton Basket assembled in 1 day

150 ton Basket assembled in 1 day

PASSER did a successfull delivery and assembly of an innovative foldable basket in the Netherlands, this week. The total lead time for the entire project was 14 weeks. Assembly was, due to the innovative design, carried out in one day only. The goods arrived with two...