PASSER Group is an EPCI supplier within wind, renewables and cryogenic insulation for future fuels and offshore SURF markets.

Our mission is to make life easy for our customers.

Business Areas

Cable handling

Everything you need within cable handling, storage and installation.


Indirect drying and cooling solution for substrate using a well proven technology.


We can provide all our equipment for long term rental or leasing.


Cryogenic Insulation solutions for LNG/LPG cargo/fuel -tanks and piping.


These are the latest news from PASSER:

Ledig stilling som Administrasjonsmedarbeider

Ledig stilling som Administrasjonsmedarbeider

Med økende oppdragsmengde har vi behov for å styrke vår administrasjon.  Vi søker en dyktig og utadvendt person for å ta hånd om administrative oppgaver innen blandt annet økonomi, varehåndtering og salg. Høres dette ut som noe som kan passe deg, så vil vi gjerne høre...

Cryogenic insulation on AET shuttle tankers

Cryogenic insulation on AET shuttle tankers

PASSER Lanyu has delivered cryogenic insulation to the LNG deck tanks for the AET dual fuel shuttle tankers Eagle Blane and Eagle Balder. Both built at SHI in Korea. We are proud to be onboard!

Spartacus – Worlds first LNG powered dredger

Spartacus – Worlds first LNG powered dredger

Spartacus, which is operated by the Belgian dredging specialist DEME, is the worlds first LNG powered dredger. PASSER Marine is proud to be onboard with our cryogenic insulation for the LNG fuel system.